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How To: Efficiency With Schoology’s Calendar


Great teachers are efficient teachers.  They know that true education is about relationships.  They use methods to maximize their time developing connections with their students and minimizing the time spent on all the activities that keep them from those important and crucial moments.  Schoology is a learning management system that has helped me become more efficient with my time.  Consider the following tip to help you become more efficient.

Lesson Planning in Schoology’s Calendar Feature

This year, all of my lessons have been written in Schoology’s calendar.  I can write one lesson in the “more info” section of an event and post it to as many sections of my course as I teach.  Within this set-up, I can insert links, attach documents, and allow for comments.  I have almost gone entirely paperless using this process.  Students and parents are able to access the day’s events whenever and wherever they would like.  My lesson plans in this format can be shared with colleagues and are archived for reference in the future.  Furthermore, they are easily accessible to students on their iPads.

This is the calendar layout in monthly view.  It’s easy to navigate when planning out a week of lessons or a unit.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 10.00.30 PM

This is the view of a single lesson.  Note the links and attachments that students and parents are able to access.
Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 10.00.55 PMThis is what students see on their iPad when opening the course.  The days lessons are on the right.  Note that they can also see due dates for assignments and upcoming quiz and tests.

iPad view

This is a video I share with my students to explain how I use this feature


Author: Rob Kamrowski

My name is Rob Kamrowski and I have been a high school social study teacher of some years. Recently, I have accepted a position as an 8th grade American History teacher. I have taught a range of subjects from American History to Personal Finance to AP European History. I earned my Bachelor Degree in 2003, my Masters Degree in 2008, and strive to earn the respect of my students, colleagues and family every day of every year

7 thoughts on “How To: Efficiency With Schoology’s Calendar

  1. wondering how you deal with late assignments.
    i am having trouble keeping up with late work and transfering it to our grading system. How do you manage data entry of past work?


    • Hi Cindy, I still post assignments using the assignment option in Schoology. Students submit them digitally and Schoology will tell me, based on when I set the due date, if they are late or are on time (This really takes excuses away from students). I transfer the grades into our grading system (we use powerschool) manually. We use the free version of Schoology. Had we had the enterprise, these two products can be linked to work seamlessly. Instead, I sit down with my iPad and computer and enter grades. Even so, this process is quite efficient. Let me know if I answered your question.


  2. Hey Rob, I found your way of planning lessons interesting. I wish my school education didn’t look like this… Anyway being an efficient teacher is indeed crucial while caring about the relations with the students but on the other hand it seems to be quite challenging.


    • Thanks for the comment John. I am always trying to improve so any suggestions would be appreciated. I see you are promoting your product on my page, is that your answer? (Here’s your opportunity to give us the sales pitch)


  3. Rob, I didn’t intend to promote my product, I just appreciated your work because I find it extraordinary in comparison to my school experiences.
    Anyway are you interested in the sales pitch? 🙂


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