Mr. Kamrowski

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children." –Sitting Bull

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Reflection: A Vision Check

Recently, I was in a committee meeting that went long.  A few educators, myself included, stuck around and discussed matters not directly from the meeting but of the utmost importance to education and education reform.  This was kind of a “meeting after the meeting” and the discussion became philosophical, as these types of “meetings” often can.  Well, one of the individuals was discussing elements missing from our curriculum and things our school needs to change. Continue reading

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App Tested: ChatterPix


ChatterPix is a fun app that allows you to take any photo, draw a line over the mouth, record a message, and create a video of the picture talking.

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Reflection: The Power of Visuals

The AP European History test was this past Friday and my students and I had been preparing for it all week.  We had taken practice tests, discussed test strategies, and highlighted key aspects of writing a solid answer to a document based and free response question.  If you asked my students, however, none of these activities were as useful, or as fun as ,”draw, talk, or act.” Continue reading


How To: Efficiency With Schoology’s Calendar

Great teachers are efficient teachers.  They know that true education is about relationships.  They use methods to maximize their time developing connections with their students and minimizing the time spent on all the activities that keep them from those important and crucial moments.  Schoology is a learning management system that has helped me become more efficient with my time.  Consider the following tip to help you become more efficient. Continue reading